Endorsements for Malika

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I support Malika Ghous in her bid to become the TDSB Trustee for Ward 18. Her bright mind and strong voice are what we need in local leadership, especially when it comes to standing up for students. I look forward to seeing the positive impact she will make in our schools across Scarborough Southwest.

Bill Blair

The Honourable Bill Blair, PC COM MP - Member of Parliament, Scarborough Southwest

“As the MPP for Scarborough Southwest and a long-time resident of this community, I have always been a strong advocate for youth engagement in politics. I am proud to see Malika Ghous, a volunteer and a highly engaged young woman, step up to serve our community and put her name forward as TDSB trustee. Malika grew up in Scarborough and is a former TDSB student. It is wonderful to see someone like her take this lived experience and work towards building brighter future for the students of Scarborough.”

Doly Begum

MPP for Scarborough Southwest

"I have known Malika's father, Ali, for a number of years. I commend Malika for her efforts to enter public service at such a young age as it is important to include the voices of youth as part of civic action."

Gary Crawford

Councillor Scarborough Southwest

Over the years I have known and had the opportunity to work with Malika Ghous, I have seen first-hand how hard-working and dedicated to our community she is. I’ve seen how much she cares for her family, including her young brothers that are still going to school in Scarborough. She wants the best for them and for all our children, and I know that as the trustee for Scarborough Southwest she will work hard to make sure all students have all the support and resources they need to succeed.

Salma Zahid

Member of Parliament for Scarborough Centre

I know Ali Dar Ghous for some years and his daughter, Malika Ghous is seeking the position of TDSB Trustee for Ward 18. They have been very helpful in the community.

John Mckay

The Honourable John McKay - Member of Parliament

"I’m pleased to support Malika Ghous as she seeks the position of TDSB Trustee for Ward 18. I know Malika to be a passionate advocate for Scarborough Southwest, she is ideally-positioned to identify the needs and priorities of her community and ensure they are considered in decisions that impact schools. Above all, I know that Malika cares about our public education system and would do an excellent job of raising her voice on behalf of students."

Mitzie Hunter

MPP, Scarborough-Guildwood

I am endorsing Malika Ghous being a vibrant candidate. I have lived for more than 20 year in Scarborough Southwest. She is running to become TDSB trustee. I have known Malika for many years and she is a perfect candidate to advocate the voice of her community students for their better future. I encourage everyone to vote for Malika Ghous on October 24, 2022.

Twodros Tamrat

Social Service Worker, Toronto

I have known Malika Ghous for more than a decade. She is a very committed and dedicated individual who strives to work for the community. This is really a great step she has taken and we need more youth like her to step up and take leadership.

Imam Ismail

Imam and Community Service Worker (ACSW), Scarborough

“We need an education system that works for everyone. As a young leader in our community, Malika Ghous knows how we can build a better school system that gives students the support they need to succeed and thrive through her personal experience. I’m excited to support her as our next TDSB trustee.”

Michele Serrano

Filipino community leader

I’ve seen how hard Malika Ghous works at every challenge she takes on. From her time as a student in Scarborough schools and at university to her volunteer work with community organizations in Scarborough, she’s someone who steps up and does the hard work needed. I’m so glad she is taking on this challenge, and I’m so proud to support her as our next trustee because I know she’s someone who will listen more than she talks, treats everyone with compassion and kindness, and will always put the interest of Scarborough families first.

Johal Gurmakh Singh

Businessman, Scarborough