Hello Friends and Neighbors!

My Name is Malika Ghous

My Name is Malika Ghous

Scarborough has been my home for more than 20 years, and as a TDSB graduate with younger brothers still in school, I’m deeply invested in improving the system for them and for all youth. I’ve lived the challenges, from accessing the right programs and extra-circulars to transitioning to a new school. The pandemic has impacted both the school experience and student mental health. We need more young voices at the table, and my experience and degree in business administration and management have given me the skills to help. I want to bring back the school experience I enjoyed and help ensure our next generation is motivated and supported to achieve their dreams and thrive.

Scarborough’s youth need our support to succeed.


Why Am I Running

As a student in the Scarborough school system, I know the challenges students are facing. The education system has changed significantly but it is not working for everyone. I am running to be your next TDSB trustee because I love the Scarborough community and it’s time for new germination of leaders to set up in Scarborough southwest. I am a young woman who grew up in Scarborough, attended school in Scarborough, and is ready to give back to the community. Students need more help than others, and I understand this more than anything. I’ve seen firsthand just how challenging the pandemic has been for our young people. As they head back to school, I worry about the time lost during COVID and the toll it has had on students. I want them to have the best chance to succeed.


As your TDSB Trustee, I will:

  • Work for more resources to support mental health and special education
  • Advocate for more programs that prepare students for life after graduation
  • Be a voice for investment in needed school renovations